Hypertension And Nutrition

If you are hypertensive, then make sure that your body mass index is appropriate. Body mass index is the weight calculation which should be according to your weight and height; if it is not appropriate than it can lead to severe problems like a heart. If you are hypertensive, you have to be very careful about your diet. Secondly, it is also caused if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Thirdly; alcohol and smoking consumption can also lead to heart attack. First and foremost thing that you need to do is to increase your water intake, make sure you drink 8-12 glasses of water at least per day if your weight is normal according TO BMI; and even more if it is higher than BMI.

Salt and hypertension

  • The thing that you should completely deduct or use in a very low quantity is salt. Avoid sprinkle of salt on raw vegetables, fries, and other things. If it is cooked; then try to use minimum quantity.


There are a number of foods which lower blood pressure and also reduces too much medication that one has been taking or perhaps allowing oneself weaning off of it completely. If you don’t want your blood pressure to raise up to its peak, then start introducing the following list of foods and fruits in your diet before it is too late.Few of them might be available in your home but rest of them you can buy when you go to market for grocery shopping. But them with a very positive and happy mind instead of purchasing them as a punishment. Fist step to healthy eating is to place healthy foods in your kitchen and replace them with unhealthy foods. Below is a complete list of foods which manages your cholesterol level and helps you to stay fit and healthy. These fruits and food have rich potassium in them.

Fruits which are rich in potassium include:

i. Oranges

ii. Bananas

iii. Berries

iv. Grapes

v. Pear

vi. Apple

vii. Apricots

viii. Pineapple

ix. Melon

x. Peas

xi. Baked potato

xii. Papaya

Other foods that can be beneficial

  • Yogurt
  • Almonds
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Tuna
  • Fat free milk
  • Bran

Alcohol and smoking

  • Quit any type of smoking and alcohol intake as it can lead to grave disease.

Physical activity

  • Try to maintain good exercise or walk routine on a daily basis. At least 120 minutes activity weekly is recommended by world health organization which included walk, gym, aerobics, yoga, dance or any other.

Stress and hypertension

  • A number of supporting literature states that stress is the major reason of hypertension which provokes anger and frustration which vice versa leads to hypertension.

Interestingly a number of people are unaware of the fact that how much calories should they be consuming in a day as they have no idea how much calories should be consumed based on their gender, age, and lifestyle. A good diet, proper water intake and physical activity can reduce the risk of hypertension.

How The 80/20 Rule Will Change Your Approach To Weight Loss?

The 80/20 Rule for Weight Loss

Certainly, if you drive on any sort of limited diet, you are probably to fail weight. The problem is, when you go back to eating the same way you had been eating before you started the diet, you are going to regain your lost weight, and perhaps much more. At this juncture at Fit Day, we continuously endorse making an everlasting, fit lifestyle alters over impermanent crazy diets that undertake rapid results but can’t be continued over your lifespan.

So What Is the 80/20 Rule?

This Rule demands you to consume a fit, well-adjusted, healthful diet to up to a maximum of the time, and you can move into your preferred pleasures the remaining less percent of the time, within the cause. This means you should not move on a maximum, no grips-barred, hog-rough spree throughout the small portion of the time–you will still require exercising control your portion. Every day, you must be thoughtful to control your portion, equality, variation, and the ecological influence of your choices related to food. Be certain to add a vibrant collection of available fruits and vegetables of the season, whole-grains lean protein (having a little amount of plant sources of protein), healthy fats, and a lot of water.

No one can linger to a strict diet of the time100 percent, but you surely have the determination to consume healthy 80 percent of the time, though giving by handsome loss of 20 percent of the time

If you follow this Rule, you surely will be receiving a diversity of advantageous nutrients without having to minimize whole groups of food, do not allow yourself to consume your beloved foods, or persistently count each calorie you have consumed. Meanwhile, this kind of consumption is comparatively modest and does not need impractical limitations, and it aids you to foster a healthy association with food that will aid you to acquire to a well-balanced weight and keep the weight away for good via dietary modifications you can really withstand throughout your whole life.

Put it into Practice

Do some preparation before time which is regarded as one of the advisable ways to get this eating method doable.

You can do this by stocking your refrigerator, freezer, and storeroom with nutritious ingredients so to guarantee that it will be cool to eat healthily most of the time. Design your favorite meals and finger food before some time of consuming, every week. It will permit you to be efficient in control and will assist you to stay away from an unhealthy binge consumption. Yet again, this Rule is about constructing a healthy association with food, not that one in which specific foods or complete groups of food are forbidden and prohibited, which often advances the probability you will overeat the same food.

If you think that you have kept up for a meal of treat but do not actually feel the wish to indulge, you do not need to. The Rule mentioned above permits you to be instinctive about your body.


Shark Tank’s Miracle Anti-Aging Cream By Korean Sisters

Shark Tank is an American Reality TV drama series, which started airing in 2009. So far, it has aired 8 seasons. In this TV series, aspiring and innovative entrepreneurs from around the globe give a sales pitch to a panel of investors to get them to invest in their business. Shark Tank gives an opportunity to the innovators to get in the limelight and get a great deal of money for their product or idea. In one of the many episodes aired, two Korean Sisters have taken the world by surprise with their revolutionary product, a Miracle Anti-aging cream. The shark tank anti aging cream has shown immense success and landed the sisters with the sharks investing a sum of $2.5 Million for 25% shares of their Korean skin care line.

Sisters Completely Rebranded Their Product

The Sisters were able to launch their product on a global scale as the investors took a huge interest by sponsoring the beauty line. On the show the sisters, Yoojin and Angela who are Ivy League graduates showed just how the face cream is beneficial for a person. They shared their goal that is to help the fairer look at least a decade younger without having to take the risks that are associated with cosmetic surgery and botox injections. They supported their claim by showing the testimonials of the satisfied clients.

Anti-aging Cream Gains Worldwide Recognition

The Anti-aging cream has become so successful that dermatologists who serve Hollywood clientele have devoted their time in Research and Development of the Cream. The Korean Sisters’ cream has proved so promising that dermatologists have started recommending these products to their clients.

After an extensive research and a battery of tests, specialists have come to a conclusion that this miracle cream has the ability to make you look 15-20 years younger. What’s harder to believe is that the sisters claim the product is all natural, safe and pain free!

Two Major Ingredients of the Miracle Cream

  1. Proprietary Bisophere (PB)
  2. QuSome

PB and Qusome are natural products that remove wrinkles, fine lines and rejuvenate the skin tissue on a cellular level. Once you apply this cream on your face, the skin starts absorbing it. The Proprietary Bisophere is absorbed deep in the skin and starts reversing aging by healing the damaged tissue and releases a substance called Collagen, a skin-tightening protein. Experts have been raving all about this cream and the Harvard Medical Team says that the cream consists of exactly the right amount needed for the skin.

Another substance called QuSome, when combined with PB, makes the new skin cells reach the first layer of the skin, making a person look up to a decade younger. Hollywood skin doctors claim that Proprietary Bisophere and QuSome work with the natural oils of your skin and make you look virtually younger without any ill effects.

The cream is dermatologically tested and hence is safe to use. You can get it and let it do wonders on your skin and tissues so that you can get your charming looks back.